Testimonial: Audrey’s patience helped me to pass my test with no faults

Jemima Lailey passed her driving test first time with Wycombe Driving School“I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to Audrey Wixon, my driving instructor at Wycombe Driving School, for helping me pass my driving test.  Audrey was instrumental in building my confidence and skills which allowed me to pass the driving test with no faults.  I took advantage of an intensive course of lessons that Wycombe Driving School were able to offer, which allowed me to go from not having driven to passing my test within three months.  I would highly recommend Wycombe Driving School and in particular, Audrey, who through her patience and perseverance has significantly enhanced my driving ability and independence.”
Jemima Lailey, of High Wycombe

Jemima passed her driving test in August 2018

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